I service just about every kind of gun new and old. Many gunsmiths have a select list of items that they are able or willing to repair. I have worked and had experience with guns from 100s of manufactures, makes, models, years, modifications etc. No man should be able to judge what is valuable to you. I have worked and will work on firearms ranging in value from $100 to thousands. I have seen just about all types, calibers, categories and styles. Just about anything you send my way I know I will be able to fix it.
List of Services- If you don't see it here, just ask.
Trigger Job
Mid Beads
Muzzle Brake
Thread Protector Lapped Lugs Lapped Barrel
Trouble Shoot
Site In
Clean and Oil
Problem diagnosis and repair is probably one of the most valuable things that I do. If your gun does not work or has any kind of functionality issues then you have major problems. In addition to general repair and function trouble shooting there are many other things that can be done to improve and upgrade your firearm. Repair, upgrades, fine tuning and more a visit with your gun to my shop will ensure your firearm be returned to you in better shape then when you first bought it.
Mount & Bore Sight Scope
Replacement Trigger
Recoil Pads
Pillar Bedding
Aluminum Risers
Glass Bead Installation
Spring & Pins
Semi-Custom & Bolt Knobs
Meet Jake
Refurbish Refinish